The administration of the General Department of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Technology, under the Laws 1404/83 and 2621/98, is conducted by the General Assembly, the Council and the Head of the Department.

The General Assembly consists (is composed) of members of the teaching staff at all levels, who belong to both of the Department’s sectors and representatives of students equal to 40% of the members of the teaching staff. The General Assembly shall exercise the powers provided by the Laws of the State, delegate powers to the Council and decide on many issues including the establishment and revision of curriculum.

The Council consists (is composed) of the Head of the Department, the Heads of the two sectors, one student representative and a representative of the Technical Staff, in case subjects related to the Technical Staff are discussed. Ιn particular the Council:

  1. Coordinates the educational and administrative matters of the department
  2. Decides the allocation of resources to different activities of the Department and the allocation of teaching staff vacancies by sector and educational levels of staff, according to the needs of the Department. In the allocation of teaching staff vacancies, subjects of vacancies are described, as well as the titles of the courses that belong to them, in full time employment of the teaching staff and the titles of the other courses of the Sectors
  3. Submits, through the faculty to the Council of TEI proposals to create new educational and technical personnel
  4. Has disciplinary jurisdiction under the relevant provisions
  5. Decides on all administrative matters of individual students as well as the placement of technical personnel
  6. Exercises those powers delegated by the General Assembly by special decision
  7. Prepares reports of scientific and educational activities for all members of the teaching staff of the department

The Head of the Department shall convene the General Assembly and the Council of the Department, prepare agendas and preside in their deliberations. He introduces the College on various matters within their competence, shall keep records of the teaching staff activities, ensure the implementation of their decisions, and establish committees for various issues and he is also responsible of the Department Secretary. Finally, the Head of the Department represents the Department in the Faculty Council.

Since 1983 the Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Technology, according to Law 1404/83, consists of two sectors:

  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry and Materials Technology

The Council of the General Department of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Technology (Academic year 2010-2011)

Head of the Department

Dr Dimitris Vattis, Professor
Tel. (+30) 2105385319

Associate Head of the Department

Dr. John Vamvakas, Professor
Τηλ. (+30) 2105385319

Head of Chemistry and Materials Technology Sector

Dr Christos Minadakis, Professor
Tel. (+30) 21053853299

Head of Physics Sector

Dr. John Vamvakas, Professor
Tel. (+30) 2105385319

Representative of Technical Staff:

Student's Representative:

Further information about the administrative structure, organization and curricula are given in the Section of the Department’s STUDY GUIDE