Department Sectors


The Department is divided into two sectors, Physics sector and the sector of Chemistry and Materials Technology.

The Physics sector teaches physics courses in 14 specialty departments of TEI, which fall into four faculties namely STEF, SEYP, and STGKS STETROD, while the sector of Chemistry and Materials Technology teaches courses in 7 departments of the same faculties.

All theory courses are supported by the corresponding laboratory courses conducted in the laboratories of the department. More than 1000 students in the Physics and over 700 students in the Chemistry and Material Technology laboratories are practiced per semester. Courses and laboratory exercises are tailored according to the needs of the curriculum of each specialty department.

The basic goal of the Department is not only the academic approach of the given courses, but mainly to make students understand the methodology in order to acquire the ability to face special problems during their studies in the specialty Department. At the same time in the laboratories of the Department research projects are conducted involving researchers from other educational institutions as well as temporary teaching staff.