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Γιώργος Μήτσου

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Prof. Ioannis Sianoudis received his first degree in Physics (Diplom Physiker) from the University of Bremen in 1979, where he participated to the postgraduate program in Biophysics, matriculated in Chemistry/Biology, taken an grant of the German government for promotion and received his PhD Doctorate Diplomas (Dr. rer. nat.) in Physics (1986) from the University of Bremen, Germany.

Current position: Professor of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Material Technology at the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens.

Educational and professional Activities: He was Director of Quality Control Center, an agency of the Ministry of National Defense in Lavrion, and Director of Education in Vocational Training Center of the Technological Institute of Athens and Director in the public IEK of Keratsini. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the TEI of Ionian Islands. He has worked as a Research Associate at the Physics Department, University of Bremen, as Spec. Scientist in the Physics Department of the University of Crete, as Professor at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Patras and at the Medical School at the University of Thessaly and as Lecturer at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Thessaloniki (Florina).

Research and Scientific Activities: Biophysics of photosynthesis, Raman and NMR spectroscopy in biological systems, optical properties of living systems, Luminescence emission properties of scintillator crystals under X and gamma-ray exposure conditions, X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy, LIBS applications and Laser cleaning in heritage objects. His interest and scientific work expands also in subjects deals with the didactic and pedagogical approach of the Physics Education, especially of the Physics, educational experiments with newer technology and methodic. He has coordinated the “European Union-Greek Ministry of Education, Research Program ARCHIMEDES I entitled as: "New Technologies in Physics Laboratory: Development of Educational Materials adopted Computer technology with newest modern teaching approaches" and the program “Athina 2004”, financed from TEI of Athens with the title “Characterization of skin tissue using the optical reflectance spectroscopy”, while he has participated in ten national and international programs as member of the research group in the last decade.

Publications: Dr. Sianoudis has published 25 Peer-reviewed scientific papers, three educational books, two scientific papers in Book chapters, twelve papers in open access Journals, more than hundred contributions as conference papers and posters, while he was written a great number of teaching books and useful notes.. He acted as reviewer in the scientific journals: Archives of Microbiology and Journal of Phycology in topics of Biophysics, particularly applications of spectroscopy NMR and in the open access journal e-JST. His work was referred by more than 200 citations (h-factor=9) Dr. Sianoudis has published three Text Books ( “Biophysics: Topics in Medical Physics”, physics laboratory exercises “Optics Experiments” and “Physics Experiments for enology Students” in Greek language.

Moreover he is responsible for the Laboratory “Optical Spectroscopy & Laser applications" located at the Department of Physics Chemistry& MT. This laboratory is targeted to investigate also the composition and the cleaning of objects of cultural interest. Additionally Dr. Sianoudis has proven expertise in fluorescent X-ray, the development and implementation of direct measurements and participation in research programs at institutions in Greece and abroad in connection with publications in international refereed journals and books. That part of the research project Archimedes II and the proposed "Environmental impact and protection of outdoor bronze monuments in Greece" has actively contributed to the development and prototyping portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and measurements in situ, which system will be used the proposed action. Participated as a principal member of research team on the project "Implementing new technologies for cleaning historic metal objects, Presentation of the applicability of the technology of laser and electrolytic methods" which was completed within the project Archimedes II, which relates directly to the subject of this research proposal.

He has directed and acts as co-editor of the open access e-Journal for Science and Technology, “e-JST”.

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