History in brief



The General Department of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Technology, from an institutional side, was created by Law 1404 / 83, along with all specialty departments of the TEI and belongs to the Faculty of Technological Applications (STEF). One of the essential considerations for the establishment of the department were economic reasons for providing laboratory exercise for students in many parts simultaneously. While the institutional segment is presented as an independent educational entity after the 1404/83 law, an important part of its infrastructure has existed since the time of KATE and later KATEE.

After 1984, the General Department was established as part of the Faculty of Technological Applications and was divided into the two sectors of Physics and Chemistry and Materials Technology according to the subjects of courses that were taught. At the same time the laboratory facilities of both sectors were increased and improved. At the beginning the Physics sector consisted of two laboratories, today's laboratories I and II, while the sector of Chemistry consisted of only one laboratory, today’s Physics Laboratory III.

From 1997 onwards the chemistry laboratories were established on the ground floor of the building A, while the physics laboratories were expanded to the old chemistry lab, which was converted to the currently existing laboratory of Optoelectronics and Laser (Laboratory of Physics III). he complex of Chemistry Labs consists from two mane laboratories, one for Inorganic Chemistry and the other for Organic Chemistry experiments, a preparation room and a room for the storage of reagents. Since 1992 the Materials Technology Laboratory started to operate at the premises of STEF together with a new research laboratory. After the 1999 earthquake the Materials Technology Laboratory was fully refurbished and equipped with brand new benches and hoods.